3d Architectural Visualization Company

3D Architectural Visualization Company

3d Architectural Visualization Company

3d Architectural Visualization Company

Why Choose Us… Correction, why INVEST in us.

3D Architectural Visualization? Thats a mouthful... but its pretty simple to explain, we take ur ideas from your plans and create beautiful images or renders from it. Poetry through Architecture
3D Architectural Visualization companies such as Alchemist Design pushes the boundries to create photo-realisitc 3D Images to help boost sales off plan, to help your client visualize the end result and we can make your life easier by showing you what your design looks like before you commit to anything.

We love our job and we are awesome at it! Every render that we create is a piece of art. We take care of it, nurture it and we spend the time to make sure your 3D Render is awesome. We take pride in our work and we look at every nitty gritty detail making sure its right. We don’t charge per change on renders, we believe you are paying us to make sure we get your vision correct. We work with in budgets and are always willing to work around your needs and what you can afford.

Let us help you take your drawings and floor plans and create a story for your clients and help you sell your concepts and ideas. Call or email, let’s get together and grab some coffee or tequila, which ever you prefer and let’s chat and bring your designs to life.


How we work and who are our clients.


There are a lot of 3D Architectural Visualization companies in South Africa, we believe we stand out from the rest becacause of our dedication to our customers and the passion we have to make each piece of work art. From property developers to architects and interior designers, we take your designs and bring them to life. We work closely with you as the designer making sure we visualize everything the way you want it. Once you see the design on screen you have the complete freedom to change and manipulate anything and everything the way you want it. We model and texture everything from scratch making sure we use the exact piece of furniture and fabric in your design. We work with PDF, AutoCAD and Revit models preferably but we have worked with less such as a drawing on a napkin.

3D Product modeling and 3D rendering is an incredible way to save time and money. From engineers, product developers, furniture companies and jewelers. If you have a new product you want to import or create, let us model, texture and render it in photo-realistic quality first and then use those renders as advertising to gather momentum then once you have a committed audience you can commit to your product.

Explain the problem and challenge you are facing and allow us the opportunity to solve it for you