What is the difference between 3D modeling and rendering?

3D Rendering & 3D Modeling

What is the difference between 3D modeling and rendering?

3D modeling and 3D rendering are different stages of the 3D workflow. 3D modeling is the process of developing a mathematical representation an inanimate or living object. Once the object is displayed as a 3D model, rendering can take place. 3D rendering turns the modeling product into a high-quality image, video or animated model. In other words, once an object has been turned into a 3D model, the object can be given physical properties to present how it will exist in the real word. The best way to explain the difference between modeling and rendering is to compare it to a box:

Modeling is the act of making the box (or representing it as a 3D object); rendering is about taking the actual box and displaying it realistically or placing it into a realistic setting.

So, once the box has been built, photo-realistic effects, such as orientation, lighting, backgrounds, etc. can be added to the model to develop marketing materials and animations which have a lot of visual appeal.

Purposes of 3D Modeling

  • Enables better project planning
  • Shows if there will be any possible interference among building systems
  • Visualises schematic structures before construction takes place
  • Detects any issues to eliminate major system conflicts before installations

Purposes of 3D Rendering

  • Helps real estate agents show properties to clients
  • Enables better design related decisions before construction
  • Facilitates marketing, design analysis and facilitates presentations
  • Displays ideas in still renderings, 3D walk through animations, virtual tours, floor plans, etc.

Industries That Can Benefit From 3D Modeling & 3D Rendering Service

  • Architects
  • Interior Designers
  • Design Studios
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Construction companies
  • Land Developers
  • Individual House Owners
  • Civil Engineers
  • Marketing & Advertising Companies
  • Publishing Companies


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