Use 3D Animation For A Virtual Experience Of Furniture And Design

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Use 3D Animation For A Virtual Experience Of Furniture And Design

Planning out the interior design of any residential or commercial space is a tricky task that involves making decisions that can be financially irrevocable. In the past, and actually still in today’s design world, people make use of mood boards, showrooms and mock setups to present an idea of how a space can be furnished and decorated.

There are two problems with this: design options feel like they become restricted to the set ideas that are presented and; not every design will capture the same ambiance if it is transferred to a different room with different lighting, layout and size.

With the help of 3D visualisation, you can now see your furniture design and interior layout before making any rash decisions. You can capture the masterpiece of your idea, brainstorm various alternatives and experience your living or commercial space in a virtual world.

To change the setting of a photo-shoot midstream would be cost-prohibitive. A 3D rendering can show a product in any scene, any context at any time and can be changed at any point in the process.

Using 3D animation to showcase furniture designs will save time, money and resources for commercial designers and property owners. These 3D models of furniture are capable of creating high-definition furniture that can rotate 360 °, change colour and render realistic textures and materials. This is advantageous as it enables the ability to show a product from all angles and better prepare for production, packaging and advertising.

3D animation has become so advanced that leading furniture brands around the world like Ikea are switching from conventional photography and rather embracing the power of 3D rendering. In our visual age, imagery is the best tool used for advertising on various digital platforms and creates an irreplaceable hype on social media for prospective customers.


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