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Something New And Exciting

Something New And Exciting

Alchemist Design has established a ground-breaking addition to its 3D Walkthrough and Interactive Virtual Reality tour by introducing various features to elevate the interactive capacity of the animation affording clients to make changes to the designs in real time. Changes in lighting (switching them on or off), viewing the space in both daylight and nigh-time as well as changes in the surfaces and textures of the scene (floors, wall art, colour patterns etc.) and assessment in how the scene adapts to each of the changes. Clients are thus able to sample the aesthetic appeal of the design while walking through it, seeing it in different angles and light and feeling like a part of the design itself. Our creative use of technology and software, paving paths for 3D Architectural Design studios around the country by developing cutting edge innovation is nothing short of “awesome”!


Unlike Walkthroughs and Flythroughs that entail viewing the real-time simulation from a computer screen or PC, our Interactive Virtual Reality Tours literally put the client into the scene using an Interactive Virtual Reality helmet as if he/she were part of it. By means of our Virtual Reality gear, clients have the opportunity to enter a 3D environment in which they can physically interact with the scene and become one with the virtual world, being able to make changes and to influence various objects through movement and touch.

Interactive Virtual Reality utilizes Real Time Rendering which streams from memory of the software and is happening as it is being viewed thus allowing for interaction with and alteration of the design.

An effective design is one that can be understood and what better way to fully understand the design than by walking around and living in it? By giving the client the VR headset, they become a character or avatar in their very own design that has not even been built. It’s like giving the canvas to fully personalize and tailor-make their very own artistic designs according to their preferences, creating an unmatched world of wonder in which ideas do not remain ideas, but are brought to life. When the client gets to walk around the design with the paintbrush, the furniture and the décor elements themselves, they become physically connected to their design in its entirety and quite frankly there is nothing more breath-taking. Interactive Virtual Reality is art in every from, for it allows the viewer to feel every dimension and every textural element of the design completely. Art is supposed to make you feel something, with our main objective of transporting the client across dimensions, we too are artists in our own right.

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