Purple Cow

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Purple Cow

Purple Cow



Have you seen a purple cow?

Didn’t think so, but if you did wouldn’t you look twice? It’s something unique and something rare and special. We have a few purple cow's of our own.Something unique, something different and something remarkable

1.   We offer Monthly Discounts on renders and animations for random ( and totally strange ) reasons and for a limited amount. Please checking this page at the beginning of each month for what discounts will be available to you


2.   We also offer the opportunity for you to advertise on our website for a small monthly fee. Alchemist Design Studio has been around for over 10 years and we have over 1000 visitors monthly from architects, land developers and interior designers. Imagine  your render and design gets seen by 1000 possible clients? Your name, your website, profile and all your info listed with some of your designs. Contact info@alchemistdesign.co.za for more info


3.   Best of the Month - Alchemist Design will showcase the best design of the month on our front page for free with all your details.


October Specials

Hitting October with some more secials for Virtual Tours - Please contact for more info regarding this

Check out the Virtual Tour section of the website for examples