How To Make Your Clients Fall In Love With You And Your 3D Designs.

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How To Make Your Clients Fall In Love With You And Your 3D Designs.

As an architect or interior designer your success depend on two main things; creating a good relationship with your client, and effectively communicating your ideas and designs to them.

Here are a few ways to ensure that your clients trust you to design their building, or home renovation, and once seeing your design, decide to stick with you.

To earn your clients trust:

  • Always keep the client updated on the project so that they feel a part of the team, instead of feeling like they are just a financial aid.
  • Get the client involved by asking their opinion. The client may not be able to give technical contributions, but you can ask them about colours or materials.
  • Always use visual aids. Clients do not always understand the technical aspects of a project, but they do understand visuals and how they feel about what they see. Instead of boring them with long speeches rather give them something to look at.
  • Talk with confidence. They saying “fake it ‘till you make it” is around for a reason. If you don’ sound positive and confident about what you are trying to sell to a client, they will not have confidence in your abilities.

To ensure that they love your designs and ideas:

  • Make your visuals realistic – clients don’t always understand floor plans and 2D drawings, so why not show them your design in 3D. You can have your 2D idea transformed into a photo-realistic representation that your clients will understand and love. 3D renders help clients to understand the look and feel of the building, not only the size and shape.
  • Base your design on need, and sell it for that. Yes, your design may be filled with beautiful accessories and nice colours, but usually a client has a specific need for the design. Focus on that when selling your ideas.
  • Focus on the client’s lifestyle and tell a story when you sell your design. This is especially necessary when designing/decorating a home as this is where the client lives, entertains, raises their children etc. tell this why this design is perfect for them as individuals rather than how to it keeping to all the latest deign trends.

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