How 3D Architectural Visualisations Can Help You

Add Volume to Your 3D Architectural Visualisations

How 3D Architectural Visualisations Can Help You

Add Volume to Your 3D Architectural Visualisations

Architects are not only responsible for designing the overall look and structure of buildings; they also have to take into account the functionality, safety and cost effectiveness of buildings.

Architects may have a difficult time portraying their visions and plans to others because, even the most experienced designers can get confused with flat drawings, footnotes and slices. With 3D Architectural Visualisations, you can improve the following:

  • How you visually convey conceptual building plans to your clients
  • Contractors’ understanding of complex building plans
  • Landing large scale projects
  • Making an ambitious sale on a new development
  • Seeing the future advantages and drawbacks of your designs

By adding 3D visuals to your design, your visualisation can be perceived by others in detail and also tweaked, if necessary, before you action your future plans.

How Do We, at Alchemist Designs, Bring Your 3D Architectural Visualisations Project to Life?

All projects we receive need to go through a process so that we can present realistic visualisations of all designs. Your designs will include the following and more:

The geometry of the building

We model the construction while paying close attention to the geometry of the building and the surrounding area. All objects will possess the visual properties of real physical items. To do this we incorporate the following:

  • Global Illumination, which provides warm and natural lighting to the visualisations, ensuring tones and shades match real-world
  • Reflection and refraction of non-opaque elements can be finely tuned to balance realism against heavy rendering times.
  • Surfaces, be it concrete, wood or paint, can have any material/‘bump map’ modifier assigned to it; this adds texture and the sense that flat surfaces have a relief.
  • Real-world materials are used and accurately portrayed in the 3D render, so, once complete, the render will represent the finished product 100% in reality.

We use original CAD building plans

Physical dimensions, spatial arrangements along with all measurements are used directly from the original CAD building plans. This might seem like something small, but it allows for extreme real-world precision- the kind we like!

Various displays

The perception of depth and scale comes to life once the pictures start ‘moving’. Render output can be in the form of still render or 3D animation. Videos offer invaluable information to you and all other viewers.

New technology

We, at Alchemist Design, are excited about all the new technology that is being brought into the consumer market. With things like 3D headgear from Samsung and Oculus as well as 3D building models – the sky is really the limit!

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