3D Architectural Animation

3D Architectural Animation

3D Architectural Animation

3D Architectural Animation

Through the placement of virtual cameras into a path of motion within the scene, the image is instantly morphed into a 3D fantasy.

Our main objective before fully animating the scene is to decide how many cameras are required to be set up into the sequence to produce the animated scene. We create the cameras in the virtual space and set them accordingly. The paths for the 3D Animation are set up and a 3D Walkthrough or 3D Flythrough path is created to showcase every intricate detail of the scene from the best angles. Our 3D Animation process especially makes use of Real Time Rendering as a way to create an interactive scene in which the client can exist in this virtual space as well as manipulate the appearance of the scene.

3D Animation in Architecture branches into Interactive Virtual Reality and 3D Walkthroughs/ 3D Flythroughs that form the basis of creation of reality in the form of a virtual scene.


To understand these tools one can simply imagine walking or flying through a fully furbished construction site. 3D Walkthroughs and Flythroughs create the same effect by allowing for a virtual representation of the architecture using 3D rendering programmes before it has been completed. These virtual representations are viewed by the clients through a PC or laptop screen.

These seamlessly efficient tools set the graphics of the design in motion to create an environment for virtual interaction between the client and every aspect of the design. Through the creation of a walkthrough path utilizing real-time visualization, our 3D Architectural Visualization philosophy of freedom is emphasized as the client has free roam to explore the key aspects of the design the best way possible, by transporting them to a world of the wonder of development before a single piece has physically been built. The sheer beauty of these tools is the ability for the design to speak volumes for itself in a language that can’t get lost in translation: that of visualization and imagination brought to life.

Walkthroughs and Flythroughs differ from regular 3D Renders because they offer more depth into the analysis of the finer details of an interior or exterior space in every spectrum from textures down to light fittings. Walkthroughs allow for a client to feel as though they were walking through the interior of a design in the comfort of their seats, controlling the features of the scene with a few clicks of the keyboard, while flythroughs allow for a broader view of the exterior of a design in its surrounding landscape as if they were viewing it from a distance, in all angles.

Through our clean cut simulations of our clients’ designs we have curbed the way for efficiency by eradicating the evaluation of the practicality of a space by means of 2D measurements and plans to allowing the client to see every spectrum of the design on their computers through the strategically placed virtual cameras in the scene of the design. Sure 2D has its perks but here at Alchemist Design the world is three-dimensional and so should every design experience be.



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