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“3D Architectural Visualization”— the three-worded phrase around which Alchemist Design is centred, is the visionary product of an explosive combination of 3D Modeling, 3D Rendering and 3D Animation.

Alchemy, which was once an ancient act surrounded in mystery, has now been transformed into the innovation that breaches the communication gap between architect, interior designer, contractor and client through the magical transformation of 2D designs into 3D depictions. The universal language of 3D Architectural Visualization is fast becoming a necessity in the result –orientated world of design and invention in which the goal of Alchemist Design is to ensure that before a single brick is laid by any contractor, the architect presents any architectural drawings or floor-plans in 2D to our rendering studio to be converted into 3D depictions of what the finished product will resemble.

Every architectural design idea, every sketch, every floor plan and every exterior and interior vision is the conception of a final image, and 3D Architectural Visualization or Rendering is the next-dimensional wonder and innovation that breathes life into the computer-generated and virtual interpretation of a space. 3D Architectural Rendering is the magic embedded in the idea of photo-realistic three-dimensional imagery clothed in light, textures, colours and fabrics based on architectural design ideas.


Architects conduct the mind-blowing art of morphing design ideas and building concepts out of thin air. Even with this artistry however, it is inevitable that the language surrounding the architectural designs often becomes lost in translation. Because of the need for aesthetically and structurally sound depictions of design ideas by clients coughing up millions for construction, it only makes sense that architects and designers lean on 3D Rendering to prove the worth of their designs in a way that stirs the senses of the client and feeds confidence in the end product.

As artists in their own right, architects and spatial designers require clean-cut precision before a plan for the course of action is presented to the third party. It is then up to 3D Architectural Renders to conjure a not only aesthetic image, but a 3D Model serving as a quality control system for architects to ensure that the design is accurate in terms of structure before it is constructed.

Inventors whose heads buzz with innovative ideas for essential and savvy new products, rely on the work of 3D Renders to produce an image of the design idea before thousands of faulty products are manufactured. This not only prevents loss in sales, but gives manufacturers a chance to stir up an appeal for the product through advertising the render before the product is manufactured.

3D Architectural Visualization is therefore not only fundamental to the aesthetics of a building design, spatial development or renovation, but also to the intricate details of every structure and architectural element in the given space. 3D Rendering and 3D Modeling, by streamlining the communication process between every party and depicting every dimension of the internal and external aspects of a structure or product: all parties involved in the architectural and inventive process prove to save time and money.


What do our clients all have in common? The desire for return on their investments. Our promise as a business is thus summed up by those three words: “return on investment” or ROI, if you will. How do we deliver such a promise? The answer is simple; we aim to recognize our target customer, understand their challenges and put our thinking caps on, to solve these problems.


  • Architects,
  • Engineers,
  • Manufacturers,
  • Interior and exterior designers,
  • Home Owners,
  • Product developers.


One of the biggest problems being faced by our customers is being able to paint a picture of the finished product of the design without constructing it. Along with this comes the issue of evaluating the architectural and structural efficiency of a design without building it. As well as ultimately verifying the investment and its worth before laying a single brick or before putting together a single piece of the design. Ultimately, seeing is believing and believing is trusting and trusting is having confidence in the design and what it is worth before making a rushed decision to go ahead with the project.


We offer tailor-made services based on the client’s brief and what they are looking for exactly. By adapting our efficiency to the desires of and challenges faced by the client, we tackle their design with lateral thinking aimed at solving the problem at hand. We offer a medium for the visualization of the client’s design concepts before they are built.

Our value lies in our ability to replicate a design in a three-dimensional space in every angle and dimension so that the client knows every detail about his or her project. We instil confidence in the design by allowing our customers to personalize their design and to fully believe in its worth before anything is put together in reality. Our goal is to offer efficiency, by saving the customer both time and money. Our renders are done with the utmost accuracy and precision at a flexible price range in an efficient time frame. Thus by simply investing a little time and money into our service the customer tends to save much more by avoiding the production or the building of a faulty design by simply picking up any design faults in the early stages of a render rather than in the early stages of a construction. Our products not only showcase the structural elements of the design, but its aesthetic appeal and in that, our customer falls in love with the design we have managed to represent in 3D. This promise of clean-cut 3D Renders, Models and Interactive Animations forms part of a recipe for the effective branding of a design by offering aesthetic pieces for advertising purposes and interactive designs to hold confidence in the project.

Alchemist Design offers the promise of life to a design timeously with every single render, simply because of the flair with which we handle every project. Our goal is never to just complete the job and send our customers on their way, but to guide them through every single change, whether it be in the modelling phase or the texturing phase to ensure that the wishes of the customers are met every step of the way to an unmatched representation of their design. We take every project as an opportunity to channel our creative side while learning to find new and exciting ways to enhance our service to the customer making the most of our technology and software. Every design is a blank canvas and you can trust Alchemist Design to turn it into an absolute work of art, time after time!

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